What style are you?

Have you ever wondered what kind of dress you would go for on your wedding day and what hairstyle you would have?

Have you ever wondered what kind of dress you would go for on your wedding day and what hairstyle you would have? Maybe you are the type of bride that knows exactly what you like and you know exactly what dress you are going to have. For some brides this actually is really hard to figure out. Sometimes brides will go into a bridal shop thinking they are 100% sure on a particular style and then fall in love with the complete opposite. I think before you go dress shopping it is very important to keep an open mind. That way you won’t be swayed in any direction and you will find the dress that is best suited for you and your shape.  Here are just 3 of the many wedding dress styles that always pop up and you can see how the hair will vary between each style.


Boho Bride

I had to start with the boho bride because I think this style is one of my absolute faves. I love the relaxed look of the dress and I love the hair styles that go with this look. Bridal shops to look out for with this particular style The Attic www.theatticbridalwearboutique.com and Folkster bridal www.folkster.com Usually with this style, the bride wants a more relaxed look with the hair. Sometimes a beachy vibe with waves or a simple low knot. Usually it’s very minimal. This look is definitely becoming more popular in the last 2 years and is going nowhere!! Another reason I love this look is because it allows you to be creative with your flowers. A bouquet of wild flowers is gorgeous with this type of dress. I love flowers in the hair it just looks so pretty, Some brides go for a flower crown, others a simple piece of babys breath. Braids are another favourite of mine and can look so pretty with this style. Check out these gorgeous Boho brides and bridesmaids https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1658224384254465&id=274258132651104


Timeless Classic bride

Everybody loves a classic look. Who doesn’t love a gorgeous Audrey Hepburn look. This style will never date. It is so important when choosing a dress and hairstyle for your wedding to think what will still look amazing in 20-30 years time, and with this look you can’t go wrong. Sometimes simple is better. If you look at the likes of Kate Midleton, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and of course Meghan Markle they all wore timeless dresses. Bridal shops to look out for Chantilly Lace www.chantillylace.ie Aibheil www.adarebridal.ie and Lilac Rose www.lilacrose.ie. With this look brides will often chose a simple head piece, nothing too fussy and a long veil. Earrings are usually a pearl or a small drop. Here are some of my timeless classic brides


Vintage bride

There are so many types of vintage dresses. It is such a beautiful style also. This bride usually has a quirky style and might wear vintage clothing on a day to day basis others just love that particular style for their wedding day. Hairstyles can also really vary when it comes to vintage. Some go for the real vintage finger wave, others go for a softer more brushed out wave then others go for a bun. It can vary so much. Often brides would wear a bird cage veil for this style and a colourful shoe. It really is such a versatile style. Bridal shops to look out for Virginias www.virginias.ie  Here are some of my gorgeous vintage brides

That is just a little insight into 3 popular types of styles I see popping up at the moment. With thousands of breathtaking styles to choose from its easy to feel a little overwhelmed when going dress shopping. I think the key thing to remember is comfort. If a bride is comfortable she will look amazing and feel confident.

Keep calm and happy shopping !!!!

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