So now that we are all in lockdown, it allows me look back on past wedding days and really appreciate how much I miss and love my job. Like everyone I am human I have good and bad days but I am lucky to say I really miss my job now that I am on “a break”! I miss meeting families mostly on such a happy event in their lives.  There is definitely something special about being involved in the wedding. To the early morning starts (yip I even miss them now that I am struggling to get out of bed before 9am in the morning) I can see the people who have kids rolling their eyes at me! To the welcome cup of coffee from the mams and to the one bridesmaid that had one too many to drink the night before. I miss all the laughs and the tears that come with a wedding morning.  To the dads who have to be told 15 times to get dressed before they decide to hop in to the shower or the one bridesmaid that wants to do her own hair and makeup and freaks out when it doesn’t go to plan. To the brides sheer excitement all morning and the nerves when they see the photographer arriving, they know time is ticking by!! I miss my fellow suppliers, the makeup artists, florists, photographers and videographers who I meet every week. I miss the reactions to seeing the bride in her dress for the first time. I miss the excitement leaving the house (with the bride a lot of the time) and seeing her get into the wedding car!

All of these memories are so special and when someone asks me do I get sick of doing weddings, the answer is always no. Each family I meet are different to the last and each wedding is unique in its own way. So I am going to pick out a few recent weddings (before covid obviously) and share a little memory I have from that wedding. I will keep the brides anonymous for this and see if they know it’s their wedding I am talking about.


Garden PJs (Gorgon PJs)

This wedding morning was such a laugh. It was the first wedding I had when I came back from my holidays so I was rearing to go but I had a lovely bride to ease me back into work after being off for a month.  The brides sister felt fierce posh in her fancy new pyjamas , she was calling them her “Gordon pyjamas”. The bride was having a small wedding so the sister was raging no one would see her in her fancy pjs.  She also kept referring to the day as “her day”

She was great fun and provided entertainment for us all morning.

Bridesmaid fancies the videographer

Another funny morning was in Inchdoney, Cork. The bridesmaid made it known to everyone that she fancied the videographer when he came into the room. I don’t think he expected the reception he got from us when he came in the door!! At least it gave him a good ego boost anyway.

All sisters

It is always such a compliment to get asked to come back to do another wedding from the same family. This particular family I did 3 of the weddings. These sisters are so close and have such a laugh together. I always loved their wedding mornings. I really got to know the girls and it was like I have known them all my life. They have also recommended me to so many of their friends and I am so grateful for that!!

Inis Mor

It’s not every day you get asked to do a wedding in Inis Mor so when I was asked I jumped with the chance. Inis Mor is one of the aran islands situated across the west coast of Ireland. I got on the ferry in Doolin and walked to my b&b on Inis mor. I had my friend with me to help carry the bags! There are no cars on the island so I had to book a b&b that was near the bride. We had such a cosy b&b and from the minute I got off the boat I felt relaxed( had nothing to do with sea sickness I swear)! The island is so peaceful and such a lovely place to have an intimate wedding. This was a destination wedding and one to remember for everyone. They got the most amazing pictures too.

When the brides baby is there to celebrate too

There is something so special about a wedding morning when the brides kids are involved. In this particular case the brides daughter was only a few months old and just wanted to be with her mam. So she had a real special part in the morning and the bride was as cool as a breeze.

A musical bridal party

This bride organised something very special for her Welsh hubby to be for the ceremony. Not only did she, but her 2 bridesmaids learned an entire song in Welsh and sang it in the church. They practised that morning while all the prep was going on and it was so beautiful.

We forgot the shoes!

More often than not everything runs smoothly on the morning of a wedding but there is the odd time something is missing. For this wedding party they travelled from one part of Ireland to another so turning back was not an option. They left a bag with all the bridesmaids shoes at home. So without panicking (too much) someone was rushed off to dunnes to get 4 matching pairs of heels. Problem was solved and no one suspected a thing. They turned out perfect. Just goes to show that if something goes wrong it all works out in the end!

Bride and Groom get ready together

I thought this was a really different yet lovely idea. The bride, her bridal party and the groom and his groomsmen all got ready in the one house. It felt like a house party I wanted to go out afterwards. It was great fun and proves not all weddings need to be the same or follow tradition.

Wedding in Lake Como Italy

I had to include this one. I was asked to go to Lake Como Italy to do a wedding. I obviously jumped with the chance as I had never been to Italy. I got on so well with the bride she even invited me to the wedding ceremony. Not only was I at the wedding I got way too involved and ended up catching the brides bouquet. (warning!!!!! don’t get overly friendly with me I might crash your wedding)

There are so many more stories I could pick from weddings but I would be here all night! I am looking forward to getting back at it as soon as I can and meeting all of my future brides. To all of the couples that have had to postpone due to the corona virus your day will come too and it will be a day to remember.

Val x

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