Wedding Hair Prep 5

Wedding Hair Prep

Planning for the Big Day

Brides will always ask what is the best thing they should do to prepare their hair for their​ wedding day. I have put together a few points that I think is important when preparing for the big day


1: Haircut

So most people think when you get married you need to grow your hair really long, right?.... Wrong! You will find most of the styles you pick out are suited better to medium length hair with layers.  A style that is really popular at the moment is a soft textured look, we all love it. For this look it is better to have layers especially for those soft whispy bits at the front. Now, im not telling you to go away and whack all your hair off either for your wedding. A happy medium is what works best.

Wedding Hair Prep

2: Colour

Brides sometimes ask "how soon to the wedding should I dye my hair?"

The answer is, its entirely up to you and your regular colourist. Some people love their hair straight away walking out of the salon, others love it after a few washes and until the colour settles a bit. Highlighted hair, usually people like to do it as close to the wedding as possible. I would advise no later than a week before incase of​ any mishaps you still have time to go back and fix it. Not saying this is going to happen but just incase!! 

Believe it or not the colour too has a big part to play in the hairstyle you choose. 

Alot of brides come to me for trials and 9 times out of 10 they will show me pictures of blonde hair. The texture is more obvious in blonde hair. Don't get me wrong you can still 100% achieve texture with dark hair by using the right styling products. But if you do want your hair to look super textured and you have dark hair, it might be no harm getting a few highlights. This may not be for everyone, that's why the trial is so important so we can discuss it more as to what suis your hair type.

Some brides still love the classic Audrey Hepburn look which has came up year after year and I think never gets old. This style looks beautiful on all hair colours.


Wedding Hair Prep 6

3: Shampoo, Conditioner and treatments

It is very important to use the right shampoo and conditioner. Not only for the wedding but always. If you have very fine hair, it is important not to use a heavy shampoo that will weigh down the hair. This can sometimes cause build up, resulting in the hair being very flat and it will be harder to get volume into the hair, and we all love a bit of volume!!​! I love the Redken and Kerastase products. I have highlighted hair and at the moment I am using the Redken Blonde shampoo and Redken Extreme conditioner . Although I do swap and change and buy lots and lots of shampoos and lots and lots of conditioners​ because I see it as "research" !!!!Treatments are brilliant for the hair at the early stages of the wedding planning. I usually ask brides not to use treatments on the last run up to the wedding as hair lasts better on dryer hair!!


4: Picking a hairstyle

So this is where some people get into a little bit of a panic.

"Oh my god its my wedding day, what will i do with my hair, i need to have 400 trials". Dont panic!! This is the fun part. I usually advise my brides to look up images of the styles that they like. Keeping in mind the cut and colour as mentioned above. Usually brides tend to pick out all similar images, so its obvious to me what style they like. Sometimes brides will pick out something completely different to what they have ever went with before, if this is the case i would suggest to have a trial and see if you like it. I always say it is better to look like you on your wedding day and not someone else. Just a glammed up version of you.

Also sometimes you will come across the most effortless upstyle and you think that's the one, but alot of them styles are done for photoshoots and not wedding days. You need a style that will hold when your bopping along on the dance floor all night and still look amazing!!


Wedding Hair Prep 4
Wedding Hair Prep 2

5: Night before prep

Usually I will have discussed what you need to do with your hair the night before at your trial. Most people have this idea that their hair needs to be washed the night before getting an upstyle or something bad will happen. Yes sometimes it is easier to work on day old hair if you have thick dry course hair or fly away hair. This isnt always the case. If you have oily hair usually I would always advise to wash it on the morning of the wedding. It is very hard to work on hair if it is greasy, without going and washing it again. Sometimes people would have normal hair but would just prefer to wash their hair on the morning. That is fine too. You are not breaking any rules! I usually say people know their own hair so ask your bridesmaids what they would prefer to do.

And if you are confused I will discuss it all in more detail at the trial.


Wedding Hair Prep 3

6: On the day

All the prep is officially done, now all you have to do is enjoy

Val x

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